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University of Uyo, Nigeria

Akpan J. WILLIAMS Anthonia U. UBOM Uduak B. UBOM

Microinsurance, Micro investments and Sustainable Development in Nigeria

This article attempted to examine the relevance of microinsurance, in promoting micro investments and sustainable development in Nigeria. Specifically, this work sought to assess the nature, characteristics and operations of microinsurance and to establish the link between these elements and the growth of micro investments as well as the variables of sustainable development, such as poverty level in the country. The experimental, pilot and replicative research designs were used. Secondary data sourced from the publications of the National Insurance Commission of Nigeria, reports from Delta State Ministry of Poverty Alleviation, journals, text books and periodicals, among others were analysed qualitatively and descriptively. It was discovered that microinsurance has high potency in promoting micro investments or micro projects in the country based on the experience in Delta State where a lot of micro entrepreneurs, mainly the beneficiaries of the state microcredit scheme and Youth...

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Anthonia U. UBOM Joseph Michael ESSIEN Uduak B. UBOM

Economic Implication of Foreign Reserves Management on the Performance of the Nigerian Economy, 1995 to 2013

The focus of this study has been on the economic implications of foreign reserves management on the performance of the Nigerian economy. Despite declaration of huge external reserves, the reserves had depleted drastically and economic indicators have not significantly improved, as they have always been highly fluctuating with marginal growth levels. This study aimed to establish relationships among economic performance indicators (capacity utilization rate, manufacturing output, growth rate of gross domestic product) and foreign reserves management variables (foreign reserves position, exchange rate, imports, exports). Relevant studies have been reviewed and the methodology implied desk and empirical research. The ordinary least square multiple regression model was used to analyze the data and it helped discover inverse relationships that exist among exchange rate, imports, exports and capacity utilization rate in Nigeria. The analysis found that exchange rate exerts significant...

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Emmanuel I. MICHAEL Joseph Michael ESSIEN Uduak B. UBOM

Bank Portfolio Structure and Economic Absorption Theory of Economic Development: A Theoretical Proposition

The focus of this article was on theoretical proposition of Bank Portfolio Structure and Economic Absorption Theory of economic development. Specifically, the work sought to establish the basis of bank portfolio rigidity and to identify the causes of economic absorption problems and their implications on economic development. The theoretical and conceptual research designs were used. Existing literatures were reviewed using archival retrieval approach, library search and internet exploration. The information obtained was judgmentally, logically and qualitatively analyzed. It was discovered among others, that, bank portfolio rigidity stems from regulatory policy defects using inconsistent monetary policy tools such as high liquidity ratio and cash ratio, etc. and compelling the banks to adhere to the regulatory requirement, as well as lack of adequate and quality stock of infrastructure and technology as the basic causes of economic absorption problems. Above all, low level of economic...

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